About Suite Luxury

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Sometimes the occasion is too important for a random hotel room. Let us take you on a photographic journey through the worlds most luxurious suites. We offer a simple, yet exclusive 'suites only' shopping experience by capturing the noteworthy details and delightful amenities that discerning travelers cherish. We want you to travel in style and arrive with confidence. Suite Luxury is an exclusive experience, so rest assured that every suite presented will be of exceptional quality!


Our site will show you individual pages for each suite, along with detailed descriptions, immersive photography, architectural layouts and special events. You'll be able to compare suites side-by-side from a variety of hoteliers and narrow by destination, price, size and even if they are pet friendly or not. No longer will you be forced to choose from rooms somewhere in the property, the room you see is the actual room you'll get.


At the highest level, service is one of the most important factors. Therefore, Suite Luxury is not a booking site. We understand that your reservations details are too important to be left to a nameless third party. We provide a platform to make an informed decision and also include the email, web links and phone numbers directly to the reservation department of your chosen property.

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